Friday, January 9, 2009

2012 Maryland Redistricting

MD-1(Kravotil-D) 40% Obama(D) Eastern Shore/Part Baltimore Suburbs.
MD-2(Ruppersberger-D) 60% Obama(D) Baltimore City/Suburbs
MD-3(Sarbanes-D)59% Obama(D) Baltimore City/Suburbs
MD-4(Edwards-D) 85% Obama(D) PG County/Montgomery County
MD-5(Hoyer-D) 65% Obama(D) PG County/Southern MD
MD-6(Bartlett(R)40% Obama(D) Western MD/Montgomery County/Baltimore Suburbs.
MD-7(Cummings-D)79% Obama(D) Batlimore City/Suburbs
MD-8(Van Hollen-D) 73% Obama(D)PG County/Montgomery County.

Take Southern MD from MD-5 (Hoyer-D) and give it to MD-1(Kravotil-D).
Add Anne Arundel County from MD-1,MD-2,and MD-3 to MD-5. (Hoyer-D)
Take Parts of MD-7 (Cummings-D) Howard County Base and give it to MD-2 and MD-3.
Take Parts of MD-4(Edwards-D) Montgomery County Base and give it to MD-7. (Cummings-D).
Take all of Prince Georges County and Parts of Montgomery County from MD-8(Van Hollen'-D) and give it to MD-4(Edwards-D).
Take all of Montgomery County and Parts of Frederick County from MD-6(Bartlett-R) and give it to MD-8(Van Hollen).
Take Baltimore and Harford County from MD-1(Kravitol) and give it to MD-6(Bartlett-R).

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